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Meet Georgia Bell, an Enterprise Account Executive at Abnormal — and a Future Olympic Hopeful

March 8, 2024
Learn how an account executive balances her remote work life with training to qualify for the Olympics.

Georgia Bell isn’t afraid of the grind. She’s been a member of the UK Sales Team at Abnormal for just over a year, and she still finds time to carve out a daily training schedule to get her ready for her next big race.

Why? Because Georgia is hoping to make the Olympic team this summer.

After attending Berkeley on a track scholarship, Georgia had more or less given up competitive running as she entered the working world. When lockdowns started in the spring of 2020, Georgia found herself with a bit more time on her hands, and she decided to dedicate that time to running again.

What started as casual 5K park runs and jogging for health quickly escalated as she realized her times were strong, so she reached out to her old running couch. He put her on a training plan that worked around her remote 9-5 job, made up of 30 miles of running and 100 miles of cycling each week.

“It’s basically my whole weekend and a lot of early mornings,” Georgia said.

That hard work has more than paid off, as Georgia just completed her first two serious competitive races last month. She won the gold for the 1500M race at the British Champs in February, which catapulted her into her first-ever international race for Team Great Britain at World Champs. Georgia qualified for the final and came in 4th overall in the Women’s 1500M race, pushing that much closer to her ultimate goal — to make the Olympic team.

“I’m half a second off the qualifying time at the moment, and we won’t know until July what Team Great Britain looks like, but now I’m definitely going to aim for that. I feel like I’ve got to try,” she said.

Georgia is grateful for her remote-first work schedule, as the lack of what would be a two-hour commute to the office every day leaves her extra time to train. She also noted that her team has been incredibly supportive during her races, always making sure to catch her events live.

“Even the partners and customers we work with have been tuning in, and they sent photos of themselves watching the race with their families. That was really sweet,” she said.

Hearing from those customers was what prompted Georgia to join Abnormal in the first place. While she hadn't been seeking a new job at the time, current clients' rave reviews more or less convinced her to make the switch. Additionally, she wanted to be a part of something exciting and new, as the UK team was still in its first year of development.

Georgia feels inspired being surrounded by such success-driven colleagues, which is why Abnormal’s Velocity value resonates so strongly with her.

“Velocity is similar to sport in a lot of ways,” she said. “You have to put in the work. Move quickly, speed up towards the end of the race, and keep getting better every day to have those marginal gains.”

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