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Meet Christy Min, a Senior Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Abnormal Security.

February 3, 2023
Learn how a senior cybersecurity sales rep is moving towards product marketing thanks to the support of her company.

Christy got her degree in biology and spent several years in the healthcare industry before turning to more customer-facing roles. Like many lifelong learners, she used the onset of COVID in 2020 to further expand her professional toolkit by finishing her MBA and learning user experience design. Similar to UX, the world of sales has an intense customer focus. Landing on the sales team at Abnormal made sense because, as Christy describes it, “One of my strengths has always been connecting with people about their needs and being a genuinely curious person. I’m able to ask them the right questions, listen to their issues, and come up with ways I can help.”

A Culture of Employee Excellence and Customer Obsession

Christy became interested in Abnormal after hearing about the incredible culture firsthand from her network. Since joining the SDR team, Christy has noticed that the folks at Abnormal tend to go above and beyond—whether by helping a coworker, manager, teammate, or customer— without hesitation or question. She speaks glowingly of her coworkers in fostering this environment: “It’s rare to find people with such passion, drive, dedication, and commitment flawlessly excelling at what they do. As employees, our push for excellence translates to our work every day, and this resonates with our customers—not just telling them, but by showing them what ‘customer obsession’ truly means.”

Unconditional Career Support

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Abnormal is the company’s commitment to helping every employee reach their full potential and desired career goals. For Christy, it’s no different—in 5 years, her plan is to transition from the sales team to product marketing, noting “it’s not often you find a place where as you grow, you are able to find the guidance and support you need to move forward.” Within her first year at Abnormal, Christy has already sat in on a few product marketing meetings and put in facetime with the company’s content marketing director. With helpful guidance from coworkers and tangible plans her managers are helping her build, Christy has Abnormal’s full support as she makes the transition within the company.

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