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The product management and design teams create highly effective threat detection products and delightful customer experiences that solve our customers’ most important cloud security, compliance, and privacy problems. We leverage best practices of modern product management while adding our unique focus on velocity, excellence, and customer-centricity.
Open Roles
From the very beginning, investing in design has been a key competitive differentiator for Abnormal. Our design team transforms customer insights into lived user experiences, delivering on our mission of building transformative cybersecurity solutions for our customers.

Design The Future Of Cybersecurity

Excellent Product & Market Fit

The rise of the cloud office and remote work creates massive advantages for companies, but it also benefits attackers. Our team is on the front lines, building products to protect workers across the globe through cloud office security.

Solving Complex Problems

Designing for the enterprise cybersecurity space calls for a deep understanding of dynamic personas, differing environments, and varying technical needs from customer to customer.

Technical Strength

We are a detail-oriented team with a deep understanding of the products and features we build. We collaborate closely with our world-class engineering team, taking on a leadership role within the broader engineering org.

Sanjay Jeyakumar


Sanjay is the CTO and co-founder of Abnormal Security. He was a founding engineer at TellApart, acquired by Twitter for $500M+, and a lead engineer at Google, working on search technology and the launch of Android.

Core Drivers

Active Listening

By listening to our customers’ pain points, we intentionally build and design solutions with beautiful, powerful interfaces that actualize real-world change. We build for our customers, not for our own personal preferences.

Moving With Velocity

We start with the end in mind, envisioning the ideal future state and breaking down design into crawl-walk-run phases to ensure our products and features quickly land in our customers' hands.

Impactful Ownership

There is no red tape on our team. Our team members are in full control of their career growth trajectory here; no bureaucracy and no artificial restrictions on what you can own and accomplish.

Meet Some of our Product & Design Team

Ling Lu

Product Designer
Yoga fiend and Figma wizard

Pasha Minkovsku

Associate Product Manager
Tropical seashell enthusiast and avid over-communicator

Dee Tan

Engineering Manager
Lover of puzzles, the outdoors, and a builder at heart.

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