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Work Values That Actually Work

Abnormal’s values serve as the operating principles for every team member. From our CEO to the interns, all of us are driven by the Abnormal VOICE Framework.
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Good Today > Perfect Next Week
We are action-oriented. We take the time to understand a problem, and then move to solve it as quickly as we can, working to be iterative and 1% better every day. We may make mistakes, and our work progress may not be the most streamlined, but we are committed to learning from our mistakes and adapting on the fly. Find out how Edwin Maljames, our India Site Manager, is embracing Velocity as Abnormal expands its global impact:
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Step up, take full responsibility, and give no excuses
We are not problem shufflers, and we never say “that’s not my job.” We take full responsibility for our work and are accountable for the results. We are comfortable with less centralized control and influence—no employee ever has to worry about stepping on toes, as long as they take full responsibility for their work.
Find out how Chau Nguyen, a Software Engineer at Abnormal, embodies Ownership in her role:
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Intellectual Honesty

See and communicate things the way they really are
We are clear, direct, and authentic in our communication with one another. We do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion, once a decision is made, we can disagree and still commit to moving forward. We understand that our individual perspective will always be limited, and actively work to stay curious and informed with differing viewpoints.
Find out how Intellectual Honesty drove Mick Leech, a Security Operations Manager, to pursue his dream job at Abnormal:
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Customer Obsession

Start with the customer and work backwards
We understand that everything we do ultimately leads back to what is best for our customers. We’re naturally empathetic and problem-solve by asking lots of intentional questions to deeply understand our customer needs. Though we may miss out on opportunities to leverage technology-driven solutions, we’ll never need to do extra work that holds no value tothe customer.
Read more about how Christy Min, a Sales Development Rep at Abnormal, helps her team cultivate Customer Obsession every day:
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Continuously improve to get 1% better every day
We understand that when we constantly improve what we’re doing and how we do it, we’re committing to be more effective and more efficient for our customers and company over time. We commit to celebrating our excellence as much as we continuously strive for it, and we encourage every team member to share constructive feedback.
Learn how Vineet Edupuganti, a Product Manager at Abnormal, chases excellence in his role every day:
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