Our Commitment to Our Team

The DNA of our company is built on challenging existing constraints to continuously innovate. Our people matter a lot, and we provide them with endless opportunities to make a massive impact. We don’t accept status quo industry benchmarks or historical precedent when it comes to designing, guiding, and optimizing the experience of working here.

At Abnormal, we listen intently to our people’s voices and reject the typical career trade-offs that other employers force. Anything we decide is worth it can be made possible for our people. Abnormal team members will always be taken care of in the ways that matter most to them, even if it requires us to rethink things over and over again. 

Our impact in numbers

At Abnormal We Offer:

Audacious Mission

Every day, we need to outthink the bad guys before their first keystroke. This is the cornerstone of our audacious mission to reshape the cutting edge of technology and make the world a safer place.

Our impressively fast threat response time and abnormal accuracy have earned us the trust of the largest companies on the planet. We maintain our track record by encouraging our team to question, explore, and synthesize new opportunities that disrupt the industry norm—no matter the constraints.

Ambitious Technology

Machine learning has been core to our business since day one, and we’re harnessing its full potential to solve previously unsolvable problems. Our work is part of a high-stakes fight against the ever evolving world of cybercrime, which requires even higher precision to stay a step ahead.

We’re stopping malicious cyberattacks at an unmatched success rate, but email is just the beginning. We’re looking for open-minded builders who are energized by using and expanding our unique dataset and tech stack to solve society’s most critical challenges: today, tomorrow, and far into the future. 

Active Support

We’re tackling big challenges with high standards of excellence. But we believe anything worthwhile must also be sustainable, so we are intentional about making sure our team feels supported as we elevate our impact.

At Abnormal, our team is empowered to define when, where, and how they work.  With our remote-first culture, employees enjoy maximum freedom to balance their life and well-being, while collaborating with ego-free teammates who genuinely care about their success.

Accelerated Growth

Our company’s track record is astounding, but the growth our people experience is even more impressive. Here, our team gets an unusually high return on their time. Our goal for every team member is to provide ten years of experience in two years time—enabling them to make an even larger impact no matter what they do next.

Our culture of individual ownership alongside leaders who love to mentor creates an environment where we challenge and support one another to be 1% better every single day.

Our impact in numbers

At Abnormal, You’ll Be:


Intellectually stimulated by complex problems that are often deemed “unsolvable” by others, a high-velocity work culture, and accomplished teammates and leaders who expect excellence from themselves and others.


A sense of being truly seen, heard, and supported as a person. And a feeling you’re never in it alone, no matter how hard a situation, lesson, or project may become. We are a true team—we win together, we fail together, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.


An always-on “raise your hand” policy to pursue your leadership potential and take on as many projects and responsibilities as you are passionate about. Try, learn, fail, try again. There will be voices of encouragement and practical enablement resources behind you.


A recognition that your work aligns with your moral compass, and that it’s doing exponential amounts of visible good for your team, the company, our customers, and the world. 

Our offices

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