Gain Ten Years Of
Experience In Two

We believe companies stop evolving when their people do.

Abnormal is committed to our employees’ individual definition of success—no matter the length of their tenure with us.

We expect nothing short of top-tier effort and, in turn, make sure you never feel like you’re toiling away on an assembly line. Machine learning is what’s given us our advantage; we’d be shortsighted to not see the benefit of the same principles applied to our team. 

1% better
every day

Personal ownership is more than a platitude around here, and accelerated growth isn’t just a sales pitch—reinvention at the individual level is part of our business model. Being 1% better every day and celebrating unconventional moves are woven into the culture at Abnormal.

Beyond the tangible incentives, Abnormal provides targeted training programs, outside speaker events, and unique learning platforms. 

Want to learn how to launch and run your own successful company in the future? We’ll give you the tools and support to do it. Want to gain experience in multiple departments? We’ll work with you to make it happen. Looking for more learning in one year than you’ve had in the last five? You’ll fit right in!

Our department leaders and guest speakers provide in-depth lectures and fireside chats to provide insight into  their field of expertise across a wide range of topics. 

Sales Masters

Gain invaluable insight and practical how-tos from one of the best sales teams in tech. In employee surveys, our Sales Masters program is consistently ranked as one of the top reasons SDRs and AEs love working here. 

Recruiting Masters

As a people-first company, we’re highly invested in recruiting. Rapidly scaling our company in a sustainable way means every person on our team is mentored, supported, and trained in our recruiting philosophy and practices. Run by our recruiting team, these bi-weekly training sessions are designed to set our employees up for success in staffing their teams. 

People Manager Masters

As the saying goes, people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Management is a whole skillset in itself, and we’re intentional about creating space for our managers to learn best practices, trade tips, and up-level their personal management style and practice.

Our impact in numbers

The Abnormal Difference

Normal careers are defined by trade-offs and boxes. Abnormal careers are defined by expansive professional development opportunities and an open invite to try new things, even if they're outside the box of your formal job description.

Hiring the best means supporting passionate, driven, and multi talented people with high ambitions. We’re committed to accelerating our team members during their tenure with us, and actively work to empower each individual to chase their career goals to the fullest extent, even if that means leaving Abnormal. We retain the best talent in no small part by being a place former employees are proud to be from.

Check out two team members below who exemplify this philosophy!

Lisa Wallace

Co-Founder at Assemble

Lisa Wallace spent over a year at Abnormal as our first sales and marketing leader before co-founding Assemble. Our CEO was a seed investor and champion of her using her time at Abnormal to hone her entrepreneurship skills before launching her own company.

Vineet Edupuganti

Senior Product Manager

Vineet Edupuganti began his tenure at Abnormal on the engineering team and has intentionally transitioned to product management to learn new skills as he prepares to launch his own company in the future.

Our offices

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