Fully Remote,
Fully Trusted

We’re a remote-first, results-focused startup.
Want to go for a swim in the middle of the day? Sounds lovely. Prefer walking meetings in your favorite park? Delightful. Drop off and pick up your kids from school every day? Tell them we say hi!

We Ask for Excellence,
Innovation, and Velocity

We’re your coworkers, not your babysitters. You know what’s best for you. We ask for excellence, innovation, and velocity from our entire team, and we know that dictating how and when you work would run contrary to those expectations.

Paige Isser

Security Analyst Operations Manager

I started at Abnormal in December of 2019. Excited to begin work at our NYC office, I signed an 18 month lease for a 250 sq ft apartment on Feb 1, 2020.

When the office shut down on Feb 7, 2020 - I worked from that tiny apartment for the next 1.5 years. When our lease was up, my boyfriend and I packed up our car and hit the road!

Since August 2021, we’ve traveled to 24 different states while working out of Airbnbs.

I’m so grateful for our remote-first, flexible working structure; it has allowed me to see so much of everything the US has to offer, and we’re planning to keep traveling until we hit all 50 states!

Mick Leach

Security Operations Manager

Since working remotely full time, I have been able to enjoy so much more time with my family.

Without a daily commute, I'm now able to have breakfast with them, put my kids on the bus each morning, and even pick them up from school or have lunch with them a few times a week.

It's been such a pivotal change for us that when my company began talking about bringing certain roles back to the office (including mine), I knew it was time to start looking at new opportunities, and I was thrilled to find a place at Abnormal.

Thanks to our flexible structure, I'm now even able to join the kids on field trips and other school activities that I never could have entertained before, including a Veterans Day appreciation ceremony that I'd always had to bow out of in the past.

My wife recently told her friends she feels like we're truly co-parenting for the first time in our 27-year marriage, and it's made a world of difference for both of us.

Rather than simply providing for my family, I'm now able to be an active daily participant in raising our kids together.

 While my former coworkers lament their commutes and the rising price of fuel, I enjoy a cup of coffee with my wife and kids each morning instead of rushing to get on the road. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity!

paige and her parnter
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San  Francisco, USA

1650 Page St #104
San Francisco, California(CA), 94117
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London, UK

689 Victoria Street
Canterbury CT8 2XA
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That said, we do love to get together! We have office spaces in New York and San Francisco, an annual company kick-off event, and a budget to support regional coworking when our team members want to get together for dinner, drinks, or in-person focus time. 


We’re All Ears and Total Action

We believe culture is intentionally designed and iterative. Our quarterly employee surveys are what drives this iteration– we ask, listen, and make changes as needed. We’re growing 3x year-over-year and are committed to scaling our culture alongside our company growth!

Want to give some feedback outside of that cadence? Email our CEO. He thoughtfully responds to every single email, fully understanding that the team is what drives our success.