Our culture

Work Values That Actually Work

Far from gathering dust in some forgotten corner, our values serve as our operating principles for every team member. We clearly define what values drive us, so our entire team works from the same foundation and understanding. From the CEO to the interns, all of us are held accountable to our VOICE Framework.

Our impact in numbers




Faster time to impact vs. taking the time to perfect something

Good today > perfect next week

We are biased towards action. We take the time to understand a problem, and then move to solve it as quickly as we can, working to be iterative and 1% better every day.

Acceptable trade-off:

We may make many mistakes, and our work process may not be the most streamlined. 


We never have to worry about making mistakes, but we are committed to learning from them quickly and adapting on the fly.



Bottom up decision making vs. top down directives

Step up, take full responsibility, give no excuses

We are not problem shufflers, and we never say “that’s not my job.” We take full responsibility for our work and are accountable for the results.

Acceptable trade-off:

We are comfortable with less centralized control and influence, and we understand that ownership at all levels means we may not hear every piece of input for every decision.


Everyone at the company is empowered to grab something and run with it, and never has to worry about stepping on toes, as long as they take full responsibility for their work.


Intellectual Honesty

Respectfully challenge and commit vs. staying quiet

See and communicate things the way they really are

We are clear, direct, and authentic in our communication with one another. We do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion, once a decision is made, we can disagree and still commit to moving forward. We understand that our individual perspective will always be limited, and actively work to stay curious and informed with differing viewpoints.

Acceptable trade-off:

We may receive more disagreement, feedback, or constructive criticism than we have at previous companies, and it may take extra time to understand additional viewpoints.


We never have to be afraid to share our opinion about what we believe to be true, but we commit to stay open-minded and curious about what we might be missing.


Customer Obsession

Keep the customer at the heart of everything vs. operate from personal preference

Start with the customer and work backwards

We understand that everything we do ultimately leads back to what is best for our customers. We’re naturally empathetic and problem-solve by asking lots of intentional questions to deeply understand our customer needs. We apply this logic to both external customers as well as internal stakeholders.

Acceptable trade-off:

We may miss out on opportunities to leverage technology to build solutions since we are customer-driven, not technology-driven.


We never need to do work where we don’t understand its value to customers, but we stay curious and proactively seek out the context about why.



Commit to continuous improvement vs. waiting for perfection

Continuously improve to get 1% better every day

We understand that when we constantly improve what we’re doing and how we do it, we’re committing to be more effective and more efficient for our customers and company over time.

Acceptable trade-off:

We may feel discouraged when we are constantly challenging one another to improve, but we understand the why behind it. We commit to celebrating our excellence as much as we continuously strive for it.


Every team member is empowered to share their constructive feedback and work to improve things.

Our offices

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